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What you need to know about cats

Cats are cute! Did you now that if you get a cat it should live a longer life! We should help cats! They are cute, nice, cuddly, and loving! 

What to do with your family!

play games tell jokes Do meets with family Make it a fun day!

Beauty and the Beast on piano!

  Watch the video to listen to music

What to do for fathers day during covid 19!

Make a card Give him a hug Order him a present Sing a song for him Decorate Say stuff to him why you love him   Now you be creative!  

What to do for a birthday during Covid 19!

Decorate house early in the morning  By presents By a cake Sing happy birthday Eat her or he favorite breakfast and lunch Eat cake after lunch  Then the birthday boy or girl is in charge        You should also ask he or her friends to come bye and say "Happy B- day." Maybe you guys could do  a meet.

How to relax!

 Find a comfy spot that is quiet  Put on relaxing music Do deep breaths Stay there for 30 minutes            Click on this calming link           Everyone Needs to Relax!

What is some fun stuff to do during Covid 19!

Bake food Learn how to play an instrument Face time friends and family Watch movies Read Tell jokes Draw Now You Go Have Fun!!!!!


A long time ago there was a ship that was called the titanic. People were building it for years. They also called it the unsinkable ship. One day they put 2,223 people on the boat. Sadly only 706 survived. 1,517 people died. There was only one baby on the ship and she was one of the people that survived. A lot of people were heart broken when there family member died. The titanic was thought to not sink but, 1,517 people did not survived. Only 706 people. The titanic people felt bad that there boat did not work. If you were the people that built the boat and it failed I bet you would never show your face again. 59 out of the 126 children, aged 14 or under sadly died. 68% of the people on the boat died. The titanic was a really bad event.