Lost Colony!

  Once there was a colony they wanted to find a new island! It took 3 months to find a new island. They settled on Roanoke but living on the island was hard work. So the leader John White went to England to get more supplies. Back at England there was a war about to happen so it took three years to get back to the island. They looked and looked but nobody was there. They only saw cro carved into a tree. They wanted to keep looking but a storm began and they had to turn back. So John White never got to his family again! John had a wife and a newborn baby daughter. He was heart broken about the thought. We will never know what really happened to the lost colony. 

How would you feel if you never got to see your family again?  Comment down below what you think happen!


  1. I think their was a Natural Disaster or they were captured.


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