How To Take Care Of A Dog

 Well before we get into all of the stuff you need, let's get into what is best for you. If you have kids or young people like 0 to 8 year old, I would recommended a puppy that is small. Like: Jack Russell terrier, dachshund, and Chihuahua. If you like husky I would recommended you getting one that is a pup. The reason why you should get pups are because you want one to get to know you or they might get a little angry or not listen to you. If you are old you should get a old dog that is lazy. 

Stuff that you need for a dog:

1. Boil

2. water and food

3. A dog house or a bed

4. shelter 

5. loving family or person

6. a area to run

That is what you need to take care of a dog.


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