• When ever they are being annoying and you are about to scream ask them if the they want to play a game. If they say yes get 52 cards. Through the cards in the air. Tell the game is called 52 pickup. Then tell they have to pick it up under 2 minutes or they will have to pay you with money or a toy.
  • If you are scared of Monsters this is a great prank for you. When you are about to go to bed put a mirror under your bed where it is visible. Then when your Guardian comes into the room tell them their is something weird looking under the bed. When you do this get ready to run.
  • If you have a fear of spiders this is a good prank for you. You start screaming and running down the stairs screaming. Your parents/guardian will be flipped out. Then you will scream their is a spider!!
If you have anymore pranks comment down bellow, I will add yours to the list of Pranks.


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