Which One Is A Better Pet Cats vs. Dogs?

Today I will be looking at what is the best pet you could have! So the most common pets are cats and dogs, but which is the best pet? Well based off of common knowledge I know that most of the people in the world prefer a dog of a cat. Dogs are "man's best friend". Cats are an animal that you don't really get to play with. A dog you can play with them. If you are a young person that loves to play and run and have fun then you most likely would like to have a dog. If you are a calm person that you most likely would like a cat or maybe a calm and not hyper dog. Dogs would risk there life to save you and most cats would run away and try to save themselves. A dog could help a person and a cat would just snuggle and purrr with you. 


Dogs are an amazing pet! Dogs need lots of care and need to be taken out everyday or let outside. Dogs will protect you and keep you safe. Dogs can be hyper and calm depending on the type of dog. Dogs are extremely expensive! They cost way more than a cat would!


Cats are an amazing pet! Cats are calm and sometimes will play with you based on the type of pet. Cats need to have a litter box or have some type of tracing device to be let outside. Cats mostly want to sit in the sun or somewhere warm and snuggle and sleep. Cats are cheaper than a dog!

Which One Is Better?

It depends on the type of person you are if you would like a cat or a dog. Most humans like dogs better but a lot of people like cats too. 

Hope you enjoyed!


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