Book Talk About Four Dead Queens By Astrid Scholte

 Four Dead Queens

¨My body took over as my mind raced. I fled from the fire, from the images burning behind my lids. I wasn't sure where I was running to, but I needed space from Queen Corra´s terrified eyes, in case she pointed a finger at me¨ (Scholte, 313).   Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte is a book about a seventeen-year-old girl named Keralie Corrington, a skilled and talented thief, and her quest to stop the murders of the four Queens of Quadara. 

Keralie steals a valuable package from Varin, an honest and handsome artist. Varin pleads with Keralie to return the package she stole because he will die if he doesn't deliver it to its destination.  Keralie discovers that the package Varin had contains a future-telling device called the comm case and she decides to help Varin. While trying to get the comm case back, Keralie ends up eating the comm case chips, making her see the future. She sees a terrible incident of the 4 queens dead! Each year, the Queens gather to decide who is the most deserving citizen to receive the HYDRA potion, which heals any illness. Both Keralie and Varin want the HYDRA potion. Keralie and Varin decide to go on a mission to save the four queens of Quadara. Keralie and Varin both are full of secrets and throughout the book, we see that the theme of love is a driving force for what we desire. ¨Let love guide your heart, and everything else will fall into place ̈ (85).

Four Dead Queens is an exciting murder mystery with lots of twists and romance. Will Varin and Keralie save Quadara and the Queens? Will Varin and Keralie become romantically involved? Will anyone get the HYDRA potion? I recommend this book because it had lots of surprises, shocking adventures, and cringy romance scenes.  Read Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte and discover what really happens to Keralie, Varin, and the four queens.



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